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Our photographic work for our clients aims to make you realize: "This would be a great place to be or do business with....." We can do this for your business!

Looking to have a better online presence?  Social Media is sure to get you there.  We assist out clients to develop the skills necessary for them to  create social media accounts and/or maintain them.  We also train our client on how to get notices.

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webSince you are looking at this page the chances are that you are considering developing or improving a web site for your business, organization or for your personal use.  Whether you never had a web site or have one that is out of date, once we are done with your site you will wonder how you ever lived without us.  The Internet has long been the first place people go to find what they want.  In the long run, using a web site to publish your presence it is less expensive and more powerful than an ad in the Yellow Pages or in traditional print media.

You generally have mere seconds to grab your visitors' attention to your website.  A good first impression could translate into a long relationship. 

Let us assist you in making the best impression.

We offer different packages to our clients depending on their needs and budgets.  Solia Design can create simple static sites with your basic content information, content management sites (built on Joomla, Drupal or WordPress platforms), and e-commerce sites. We offer custom photography and video editing for inclusion on your site.

Web site design includes creating the client's initial web site with client input, establishing a unique domain name, setting up client emails with the new domain name, i.e., This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and incorporating the web site into the client's general marketing strategy.  Solia also offers support packages that will protect your site, back up the website off-site, update the software, and update security as necessary.

The site itself would not be useful unless it can be found.  We therefore work to optimize your site for major search engines and track the sites visitors and trends.  We make necessary adjustments to keep your site popular.

In other words, we help you create and maintain websites that work for you and return your investment fully.

hemailA web site is not much good without a place to put it so that it can be made available to the world.  Web sites are "hosted" by physically placing them on a server where they can be accessed.  Solia offers the highest quality hosting services through  We can accomodate nearly every type of web site, whether static HTML sites, Flash sites, Content Managment Sites with server side processing including those built on Joomla!, Drupal, Wordpress, Magento and other similar platforms. 

wind-energy-emblem125If you develop your own site, but need a host, we can accomodate you.  Several hosting plan options are available, begining at just $100 per year. However, we now offer free hosting to clients for whom we design websites and who maintain their support plans!

We offer hosting plans include unlimited e-mail accounts and set-up, file transfer protocol (FTP) accounts. 

Remember, using email with your custom address is an important part of marketing.  When you send out e-mails using your domain  name, it reminds the receivers of your business and permits them to find your business website faster.

Our hosting plans provide you with the ability to use web-based email that allows you access via a web browser and by POP via client software such as Outlook, Eudora, Mac Mail, g-mail, etc.

maintenance233We offer varied support options.Web site maintenance includes keeping the web site updated with new information.  Static web sites are fine for providing basic information like services offered, pricing, contact information and location.  But otherwise, a web page that never changes is a web page that visitors will not tend to revisit.  Support also includes providing software updates, keeping the site as safe as possible from malicious code or hackers, and working to promote its visibility.


Please check out this FAQ regarding support for additional information.

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