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Solia Digital Media Best SEOBy Sophia Chapar:

Most people understand the importance of search engines. But how do those search engines work? They crawl, index and rank.

The crawl is first. Crawling is a process where search engines programs comb through links, words and descriptions on websites and essentially inventory the contents.

The search engines add that content is to their respective indices. For example, when Google indexes content it keeps key words and content in its database, and orders that information it has obtained and displays them as the search results you see after you “Google” something. A key element in having your site content accurately crawled is to have excellent content that is capable of being indexed.

Text is such data which can be properly indexed. However, images (jpgs, pdfs) and videos videos) cannot be indexed well without text-based information being associated with those images. Certainly the file titles, types and sizes can be indexed, but those alone won’t help a person find an image of a “boy with a red ball.”

We at Solia work to ensure that the text content on our clients’ sites contains the kind of terms that a person searching for the goods and services our clients offer would likely type.  Anyone can be found by someone who already knows your name. Success is when you are found by those who do not. If a client is a cardiologist  in Fairfield, Connecticut, that client want to ensure that search engines crawl and find those terms at least on his or her website so those who search for a “cardiologist in Fairfield, Connecticut.” Better still, a cardiologist who is nationally acclaimed or how has a teaching position at a prestigious university, or who is expansively published would want some of that information to be in crawlable form too.

This crawling usually happens routinely. Search engines tend to crawl sites with changing content more frequently. Fresh content is one element of a higher rank also. However, when Solia updates a client site significantly, we trigger a recrawl using our developer tools so that our clients’ sites’ new information can immediately be factored into the indexing process.

Ranking is another element, determined by closely guarded algorithms. Higher ranks are secured by many people searching for a particular site, lots of incoming links, security, and whether a site is mobile-friendly and relatively free of errors, among other things. We will address this issue in more detail in another post.

Call us if we can help!

Your domain is incredibly valuable property.

We at Solia Media often register and maintain domains for our clients, as their agents. Sometimes our clients control their own domains, and we make the necessary configuration changes to point web or email traffic to our servers.

Unless the domain owner chooses to pay for domain privacy, the domain owner can be identified through public searches. Some entities send official-looking documents or emails to domain owners, which warn of impending renewals or otherwise warn the domain owner of the need to take certain action. The domain owner is thus induced to send money unecessarily. In some cases, that money is just gone. In other circumstances, the documentation is really designed to authorize the transfer of the domain at a premium price.

Per Wiki: "Domain slamming (also known as unauthorized transfers or domain name registration scams) is a scam in which the offending domain name registrar attempts to trick domain owners into switching from their existing registrar to theirs, under the pretense that the customer is simply renewing their subscription to their current register."

An example of a solicitation attempt to induce the owner to transfer the domain follows. If you have any questions about the effect of a communication you may receive, please just call Solia Media at 678-750-0240 or Toll Free 877-930-7496.


logoReagan Financial Planning, LLC is an independent fee-only financial planning & education firm devoted to helping families, individuals and small businesses reach their financial & life goals. Solia's website is responsive, has a unique design for navigation, offers forms and information for the visitor.

ErnstSolia is honored to have been chosen to create an updated website for Ernst Concrete. Ernst has been in business for 65 years and is Metro Atlanta’s concrete expert. It has 7 locations, competitive prices and award-winning work. Ernst Concrete is fourth-generation family-owned company believes customer service is the highest priority. Ernst specializes in specifically designed mixes that best serve your particular project. Whether you are a commercial or residential contractor, or a homeowner in need of some good, honest advice Ernst is there to help. Please visit Ernst's new website for more information.

Accessible Websitesby Solia legal staff:

The federal and local governments began years back to implement statutes and regulations that were designed to ensure that people with disabilities could participate in life activities to the highest level reasonably possible. You see these implemented in handicapped access ramps, regulations regarding the width of hallways and doorways to ensure wheelchair access and other steps that until recently, were primarily directed to physical access.

Well, as we all know, digital access is now of significant importance. The government is looking to implement rules regarding website accessibility for disabled people.
Presently nobody knows for sure what the final rules will look like or what type and size entities will be covered. The Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) have been developed through the W3C process in cooperation with individuals and organizations around the world, with a goal of proving a single shared standard for web content accessibility that meets the needs of individuals, organizations, and governments internationally. WCAG is a private web consortium that creates standards. The federal government has not actually adopted them and nobody knows what entities will be covered. Even the vast majority of FEDERAL websites have not adopted WCAG standards.
Some of the things that advocates for the disabled are arguing for would cost a great deal and would impose some hardship on smaller businesses. Whether those will be in the regulations, or apply to smaller businesses or just large ones remains to be seen. So a lot of website owners are holding off spending large sums until they know what they must do.
It's pretty likely that when the rules come out, firms will have a year or more likely two years to bring their websites into compliance.
We think our clients should start now. The good news is that Solia sites built on current code have an existing infrastructure that will allow us to implement changes more efficiently than if the core code was outdated. Many of our clients have asked us to begin to update their sites and implement WCAG standards. Our updated sites allow those with visual disabilities to have text read back to them, use standard keys to increase or decrease text size and change color to high contrast or other combinations of color that are easier for the disabled. Law or no law, it's just good business to accommodate the disabled.
If you would like for us to begin implementing steps now, just let us know.

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