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Solia Digital Media

We help clients to create a web presence that not only meets their budgets but that makes marketing sense.  We serve clients worldwide. Our clients include large entities, industry associations, religious organizations, family businesses, neighborhood organizations and nonprofit entities.

Our creativity and experience will provide you with the proper image for your business or organization.

A sensible online strategy includes not only developing a visually appealing website, but also publishing valuable content that draws your visitors back often. A good website should also used techniques that will optimize your site for search placement.

We even handle our clients’ commercial photography and videography and incorporate those products into appealing websites, Youtube videos, commercials and other marketing media.

We think that a key thing that sets us apart is our individualized attention to our clients.  Our goal is not to have the largest number of sites on the web. Rather we want to have the highest percentage of satisfied clients who know that their investment in their digital presence is returned in greater measure.  We respond to our clients promptly and we listen.

Our hosting services include affordable hosting plans with e-mail, FTP, regular backups, site security and site traffic analyses and reports.  We have a range of support plans for every budget.

Please enjoy your visit to our site, and please contact us if we can be of any help.

A Client-Based, Results-Oriented Company.

Solia CEO Nadine Kirma Chapar holds an engineering degree from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville.  Since 2001 she has been designing websites with a special focus on achieving a presence that meets the highest marketing goals.  Solia’s expertise extends to commercial photography and media development of all kinds.  Ms. Chapar was raised in Dubai and is bilingual.

Solia carefully consults with clients to ensure not only that the website has a professional look, but calculated to reach the target audience and provide the most useful content in a manner that visitors would expect from reputable businesses and organizations. Solia’s staff includes professionals with legal and business backgrounds.  These skills allow us to provide a unique perspective to web marketing and web commerce.  Solia’s client base extends worldwide.