webSince you are looking at this page the chances are that you are considering developing or improving a web site for your business, organization or for your personal use.  Whether you have never had a web site or have one that is out of date, once we are finished with your site, you will wonder how you ever lived without us.  The Internet has long been the first place people go to find what they want.  In the long run, using a web site to publish your presence  is less expensive and more powerful than an ad in the Yellow Pages or in traditional print media.

You generally have mere seconds to grab your visitors’ attention to your website.  A good first impression could translate into a long relationship.  Let Solia’s experts assist you in making the best impression.

We offer different packages depending on your needs and budgets.  Solia Design can create simple static sites with your basic content information, content management sites (built on Joomla, Drupal or WordPress platforms), and e-commerce sites. We offer custom photography and video editing for inclusion on your site.

Website design includes creating an initial website using your input, establishing a unique domain name, setting up your emails with the new domain name, i.e., owner@yourorganization.com and incorporating the website into your general marketing strategy.  Solia also offers support packages that will protect your site, back up the website off-site, update the software, and update security as necessary.

A website is not useful unless it can be found.  Therefore, we work to optimize your site for major search engines and track the site’s visitors and trends.  We make necessary adjustments to keep your site popular.

In other words, we help you create and maintain websites that work for you and return your investment fully. To answer the question, “how much would a Solia website cost,” just click this FAQ.

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