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consulting141Web site deployment is often entrusted to a designer who is at his or her core a programmer or a graphic artist.  To be sure, such talent often results in gorgeous looking web sites.

But a gorgeous web site does not alone translate into an effective web site.

We at Solia have business, legal and marketing backgrounds in addition to our technical training.  We recognize that for most of our clients, the web is first and foremost a marketing tool.

We work hard to understand our client’s actual business needs, including the needs of those who will use the site.  Lots of flash does not necessarily translate into a useful site that will draw traffic and explain to the visitor why our clients are unique.

Solia’s design and deployment is typically preceded by a consult that takes these things into account.  It’s a great way to ensure a real return on an investment in a web presence. 

Our fees for consults are incorporated into a final price for the web design itself should the client proceed with a project.

Please refer to this FAQ concerning our consulting for more information.