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Your domain is incredibly valuable property.

We at Solia Media often register and maintain domains for our clients, as their agents. Sometimes our clients control their own domains, and we make the necessary configuration changes to point web or email traffic to our servers.

Unless the domain owner chooses to pay for domain privacy, the domain owner can be identified through public searches. Some entities send official-looking documents or emails to domain owners, which warn of impending renewals or otherwise warn the domain owner of the need to take certain action. The domain owner is thus induced to send money unecessarily. In some cases, that money is just gone. In other circumstances, the documentation is really designed to authorize the transfer of the domain at a premium price.

Per Wiki: “Domain slamming (also known as unauthorized transfers or domain name registration scams) is a scam in which the offending domain name registrar attempts to trick domain owners into switching from their existing registrar to theirs, under the pretense that the customer is simply renewing their subscription to their current register.”

An example of a solicitation attempt to induce the owner to transfer the domain follows. If you have any questions about the effect of a communication you may receive, please just call Solia Media at 678-750-0240 or Toll Free 877-930-7496.