Solia Media Logo 2021

Using proper image resolutions and formats is very important in web design. Logos and other graphics can be created using either a bitmap (raster) or vector format. Bitmap images are created with pixels – typically small squares of a single color that together represent an image. Digital photographs are typically bitmap images. If enlarged or zoomed in enough, you can begin to see all the individual pixels, which makes the image appear blurry. High-quality print photography is accomplished by using a high resolution – which adds more pixels to the inch. Notably, it’s possible to reduce resolution to be used for a smaller image, but one cannot add back the resolution to a smaller file. It is best to use high-resolution photographs for print media (at least 350 dpi). Digital media such as website require a resolution of only 72 dpi.

A vector image is different. Vector graphics are produced by a set of computer instructions and uses geometric shapes to create an infinitely scalable image.

Logos are best created in vector formats because the graphic can be enlarged to be used on posters, billboards, and other displays without any loss of quality. We at Solia can deliver your graphics in the appropriate format required for your marketing needs.