Solia Media Logo 2021

We at Solia Digital Media implement branding strategies for our clients. Websites are part of branding, but branding involves other elements such as the creation of a logo, business cards, color, communication of a brand message and tagline, and designing the website in a style that remains consistent with the branding strategy.

Branding is important. For example, Nike prints its “swoosh” logo on all of its products and is well known for its tagline, “Just Do It.” Apple reflects a sleek, minimalist image through its product design and the marketing of those products. A look at the front page of Apple’s website reveals very few words and a slim display of colors, which is all part of the company’s branding – a way to distinguish itself from others.

Solia Media recently helped our client, Collaborative Touch Realty and Management create a branding by designing its logo, website, photography, business cards and overall message. Collaborative Touch was a wonderful project that promoted a vibrant and professional real estate company that serves a diverse client base in Metro Atlanta. We are grateful to this client for allowing us to be of service.