Solia Media Logo 2021

Rock Solid Distribution Inc.™ is the exclusive distributor of 28 BLACK energy drinks.

28 BLACK is available in four different flavors:
• 28 BLACK Açaí: with the unmistakable fruity taste of açaí berries
• 28 BLACK Classic: classic energy drink taste
• 28 BLACK Sour Mango Kiwi: sparklingly sour  mango kiwi flavor
• 28 BLACK Sour Cherry: sparklingly sour cherry flavor

The company delivers energy drink products with preeminent customer service. Rock Solid operates with a high level of discipline, creativity, and innovation in order to successfully provide a powerful distribution network that is beneficial to all of our clients, the consumer, and its team of employees.

Solia Media is proud to have been chosen to design and host the new website for Rock Solid Distribution and looks forward to the success of 28 Black products in the Southeastern United States.