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Best web design conyers - Solia Media Redesigns Celtic TavernSolia Media has been in business over 20 years. One of the first clients of our business was a brand new Irish pub in Olde Town Conyers, Georgia called the “Celtic Tavern.” The pub was opened by a local teacher and her friend.

The Celtic Tavern was in a small space initially but offered a lovely but limited menu and good thinks to drink. After several ownership changes, Solia Media is STILL serving this wonderful local pub and restaurant. We are pleased to announce the deployment of a Solia-designed and hosted updated website for the Celtic Tavern. The Celtic Tavern offers great food, live entertainment, events and street parties. Indoor and outdoor seating is available.

Among many other great things about the Celtic Tavern, it was a star in the hit television series The Originals, in which it served as the location for “Gillespie’s Pub.” Visitors from around the world come to hang out where their favorite vampires did.