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Check out the Historic Norcross Video Example

We at Solia capture content (still images and video) and then edit that content to help cities, businesses, churches and others present themselves. Video is incredibly powerful, but still too many do not take advantage of what a well-produced video can accomplish. For example, realtors show views of the exterior and interior of a particular property but all too often do not take the opportunity to use a video to not only show a property but also the best of the surrounding community.

If you own an eatery, visitors are more likely to visit you if the surrounding environment offers lots to enjoy.

This is a video we just completed that shows Historic Norcross, Georgia.

A good video can be fun and mostly speak for itself. Think about how this sort of footage would look as part of your own video that showcases you and your community to attract visitors! We can do this for our clients!