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Basic support includes the periodic backing up of your site (in case of hacking or some other catastrophe), access to our ticket system where you can ask questions about your site operation, email configuration and similar things, a reasonable level of minor text updates (if you change hours of operation or phone, for example) and software updates for the site and its components. Importantly, as part of our support, we keep your site up and running and current. Bad things happen to websites periodically; that’s a reality. Servers go haywire, hackers decide for some reason to target your site. We take care of our clients when such things occur.

Minor text updates do NOT mean that our clients can contact us to say “we have an important newsletter we want out, we don’t have time, so please create one for us and send it.” Regular support cannot, and does not, mean that we at Solia are to serve as unpaid internal staff to respond to regularly post for clients who do not have time or would prefer not to do that work. While the reasons should be evident, we note that we have many valued clients and if we were called upon to update their sites daily as part of basic support, we would not be able to attend to our regular work. Instead, when a site is published we provide training to our when client sites are published on how to create articles, newsletters and otherwise handle the kind of content that clients are expected to create and post.

If clients desire that we handle the creation and publishing of content, we are glad to do that. It’s often very sensible that a client spends time attending to its own business rather than learning how to manage content on a website where they expect not to make regular changes. We can proceed under a separate plan or at our hourly rate of $50 an hour with a half-hour minimum. If a client has an urgent need to post something or send a newsletter when the client has not learned how to do those things, we would attend to this at our normal hourly rates, but WILL NOT GUARANTEE THAT WE CAN meet a short deadline imposed by the client.

Of course, enhanced support is available for very busy websites. An example of enhanced support includes the management of web commerce sites by regular updates to products, creation of coupons, updates of event calendars or the creation of new content for a busy client. Prices can either be fixed or variable depending upon the nature of the work. For example, some of our clients desire a particular number of updates per month. We have been able to quote a fixed monthly price for such work.

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