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That’s not a simple question. Consider that it’s like asking “how much does a house, or a car, cost?” Obviously, there are huge ranges of prices for houses and cars, depending on which house, or which car, you want. In website design, the features make a big difference, as does whether the client has content ready, or whether the client asks us to develop the content.

We can design websites for as low as $500 to as high as many thousands of dollars for complex commerce sites.

We do generally offer a FIXED PRICE quote for website design, which our clients like because they are no surprises.

After your website is designed, it must also be hosted. That means that the website is stored on a particular server and made available to the public. We offer free hosting plans with our basic maintenance plan. We can provide larger hosting space and more bandwidth for very big sites but at a negotiated rate.

A basic maintenance plan is essential. That includes backing up the site, keeping it secure, making minor text changes needed, and helping clients with basic questions about the use of their site. Our basic plan for most business sites is $300 per year. Many clients desire that Solia actively maintain their sites by continually updating content. We offer enhanced maintenance plans in such cases.

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