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SSL (secure sockets layer) can be implemented on a client site. In such a case, the website incorporates a security certificate, which encrypts information from the user’s web browser to the Solia-developed and hosted site.
With SSL, login information and other information would be secure from the user to the site. That would go a long way to prevent, for example, a person from intercepting such information if the visitor or site owner uses public WiFi, for example.
The web browser will reflect the “https” prefix rather than “http.” You can see the secure URL on our site.
Many users prefer to see that a site is secure (usually by seeing the browser indicate that in the address bar), so SSL does help keep visitors on the site.
We do NOT implement SSL by default but we certainly offer the option. If a client desires SSL, we charge a one time set up fee to configure SSL. Recurring costs for the certificate and a dedicated IP address (which is required for SSL to work) are $75 per year. Alternatively, SSL may be priced as part of a larger proposal.
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