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Consulting is when we help our clients learn more about their sites and about digital media generally. Often, diligent clients wish to spend a significant amount of time with us discussing their business objectives and learning about what options are available with respect to their digital media strategies. We often spend a great deal of time with such clients to help them reach a decision.

We are available for that sort of work at our then prevailing consulting rates. Presently, that rate is $50 per hour billed in half-hour increments with the first half-hour being the minimum.

Actual website development is then priced based upon the clients stated objectives. Following the successful deployment of our websites, and following any training included, clients often desire to confer with us regarding other marketing ideas and possible modifications to their marketing approaches. For example, clients may wish to discuss the feasibility of streaming a Facebook feed, ask us to help them set up social media accounts, selling products online, or other changes and enhancements.

Clients who have long-existing websites may wish to consult with us about the feasibility of a new design.

Other issues that clients may need assistance include questions by email functioning on various devices, troubleshooting email issues that are not caused by any failure of our servers to transmit or receive emails, altering email accounts or forwards and similar work. That work is also handled as set forth above.

Category: Consulting