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hemailA website is not much good without a place to put it so that it can be made available to the world.  Websites are “hosted” by physically placing them on a server where they can be accessed.  Solia offers the highest quality hosting services through  We can accommodate nearly every type of website, whether static HTML sites, Flash sites, or Content Management Sites with server-side processing including those built on Joomla!, Drupal, WordPress, Magento, and other similar platforms.

wind-energy-emblem125If you develop your own site but need a host, we can accommodate you.  Several hosting plan options are available, beginning at just $100 per year. However, we now offer free hosting to clients for whom we design websites and who maintain their support plans!

Solia offers hosting plans that include e-mail accounts and set-up, and file transfer protocol (FTP) accounts.

Remember, using email with your custom address is an important part of marketing.  When you send out e-mails using your domain name, it reminds the receivers of your business and permits them to find your business website faster.

Our hosting plans provide you with the ability to use web-based email that allows you access via a web browser and by POP via client software such as Outlook, Eudora, Mac Mail, G-mail, etc.