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Sophia Meral Chapar - Solia Media Special Projects Manager and Georgia Tech Industrial Engineering Student

Sophia Meral Chapar – Solia Media

​by Sophia Chapar, Solia Media Special Projects Manager

Many important considerations favor using a professional website designer Instead of Wix, Weebly or similar website builders.

Services like Wix offer drag-and-drop website design. Customers select from standard design templates and have a simple site in place using the design supplied by the service.

For those who want to have a basic website reflecting an address, phone number, contact form and images, such services may be sufficient.

Most businesses, however, come to expect their websites to accommodate more advanced features. 

A custom website offers nearly infinite options in layout. Our clients often ask for something simple at first, then begin to really appreciate the power of their websites. They ask for interactive support buttons, inventory displays, video feeds, Instagram feeds and other features that bring a great return on a modest investment.

Many users of website builders have difficulty in adding special features, even if they might be available in some form. Clients come to us after experiencing some frustrations in spending more time trying to figure out how to manage their websites than they wish. They come to realize that often a good business choice is to allow partner professionals to bring their own expertise to key functions like websites. Web builders offer extra features, but they are proprietary components (meaning one cannot edit code) and often cost more for “premium” features. For example, the Wix commerce feature is free only for 10 products.

Examples of functions that our clients seek include the store directory at Murraywood center. The client area and support function on our own website, newsletter signups at Brewskis and Beer, member directories, interactive support on Plume Florals, video overlays like the on the homepage of Rock Solid Distribution and many others.

A well-designed custom website is optimized for Search Engine Optimization (SEO). SEO is the process of working over time to create and deploy content in a way that makes it more likely that they will be found on search engines. Good SEO strategies are founded on a good relationship between the web professional and the client.

We also update underlying code quickly to take advantage of security improvements. With a website builder, the schedule of updates is determined by the service provider.

A larger point is that those who are serious about their digital presence need more than a simple website, and they recognize the benefit of a partnership with firms like Solia for consultation and expertise into broader digital media services and integration. A website should not stand alone. Nor should a website merely be a mere online brochure or poster for your business or organization. Rather, a good website is not only well-designed but integrated with other channels to serve as the spoke of a marketing wheel, with other key elements that include Facebook, Instagram and other social media platforms that now demand interaction with clients. Our Solia clients also look for fresh and updated content so their sites and social media do not become stale. The need and get from us high-quality video, photography and ongoing consulting and advice. 

For questions, feel free to give us a call, review the FAQ on this site, or use the chat buttons on our website.