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Terms for Real Estate Photography and Videography

The following represents the typical terms of our photography for real estate. Your terms may differ due to unique circumstances.

Terms and Conditions

1.This agreement between Solia Digital Media, LLC (“Photographer”)and the above listed client (“Client”) is for photographic services of the residential property identified above(“Property”).
2.The Photographer grants the Client a limited, non-exclusive, non-transferable right to use the images created for the purpose of marketing the Property. Client understands that Photographer owns the images and retains all rights,and may use them for Photographer’s own promotional purposes or re-sale. Client also warrants that they have the authority to enter into this contract for the Property, and shall indemnify and defend the Photographer in the event of any litigation arising due to this contract.
3. If, in the opinion of the Photographer ,the shoot cannot be completed due to inclement weather or other adverse conditions, then Photographer reserves the right to re-schedule the shoot at the earliest convenience. The Client has the option to accept the rescheduled date or to receive a full refund of any deposit.
4. If the Photographer cannot perform this agreement for any reason,then Photographer will promptly return any deposit or payment to Client. Photographer will have no further liability in excess of monies paid.
5. Photographer will deliver low resolution, watermarked images for review. Full images will be delivered upon final payment full.Use of any images prior to full payment will constitute a breach of this agreement and a violation of Photographer’s copyrights.
6. Grant of License At the time of receipt off full payment Photographer will be deemed to grant Client a non-exclusive, non-transferable license for the purpose of listing the Property under the Client’s current contract with the property owner. This extends to the Client’s use of images on the MLS listing as well as other marketing or promotional materials intended to sell the property.The images cannot be resold.
7.The charges in this agreement are based on the standard current price list and are subject to change.
8. If Client is not the Property owner or lawful occupant, then Client will ensure proper access and notification to property owner of the photographer’s arrival time.
9.Should Client have specific instructions, those should be provided in writing (such as specific shot/s that is required)9.It is not the Photographer’s responsibility to re-arrange any furnishings, however, Photographer may make modest changes to enhance quality of the compositions.
10.This agreement constitutes the entire agreement between the parties and supersedes all other documents or communication, whether verbal or in writing. This agreement may not be altered except in writing and agreed to by both parties.This agreement shall be governed by and under the jurisdiction of, the laws of the State of Georgia, and the parties expressly consent to the personal jurisdiction of the courts of Rockdale County, Georgia for the any disputes that may arise hereunder.