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What is a “domain?’

A domain is the web address that you type in or search for when you browse the internet.,,,, are domains. Domains are just easy to remember ways to invoke a numerical internet protocol (“IP”) number.  The internet uses IP addresses to direct traffic and connect you to a service you desire such as a website or an email server. A classic IP address is four numbers separated by periods. When you type in, your computer actually looks up to find out what its IP address is.

How do I get a “domain?”

Domains are obtained by ordering them from a “registrar.” A registrar brokers those names. Legitimate domain name registrars are accredited by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN). ICANN is a private (non-government), non-profit corporation that has the authority to allocate IP addresses and managing the Domain Name System. Network Solutions, ENOM and GoDaddy are examples of registrars.

You can secure a domain directly or have someone else do it as your agent.

What does my Domain Account do?

At the very highest level, your domain account is where you configure how you want your name to work. For example, let’s say that you have a website located on a web server with an IP address of 108.099.777.345. Your domain controls allow you to direct website traffic to that numerical address. You can direct other forms of traffic – such as email traffic – either to the same server or even a different one.  Those changes are edited at the “name server.” The domain account specifies the name servers to be used. Then the user can make the changes in traffic via that name server.

What is web hosting?

A hosting server is a machine that contains the files that comprise your website. A hosting server also usually has an email server function, and other functions too. At the simplest level, a server is a computer that holds your files and often receives and transmits your emails.

What is email hosting?

An email server provides email management functions. Often that is done at the same server that has a corresponding website for a particular domain. But it’s possible to use different servers. For example, using the domain control and “DNS” entries, it would be possible to use Google for Business, Microsoft 365 or another service to handle a particular domain’s mail traffic. That is done by setting the MX (Mail Exchange) records.

Can Solia Secure a Domain for Me?


What if I don’t want to do business with Solia anymore; can I get control of my domain?

Yes, we would transfer the domain to an account under your control.

What if I have a domain already and want to use Solia to create a new or updated website for me?

Easy. Our clients access their domain controls (or give us access) and tell the domain to direct web traffic to one of our servers, where we have constructed their new websites. After that change, the new Solia website will begin to be displayed.

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